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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 1, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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while. >> two apartments were evacuated and this location is near the intersection of highway 4 and railroad avenue. >> the bomb squad just determined there no danger and they're cleaning up the scene right now. >> and we'll move on to other matters, political battle continues tonight in washington. impact lawmakers failing to reach agreement by last night's deadline is being felt today. and some people already lost their benefits. >> cheryl, these people who lost benefits are just barely surviving right now. they're doing so by taking any little odd job they can and by cutting live down to bare essentials. california has the third-highest unemployment rate in the country expected to be hit hard if benefits are recused. -- reduced. >> it's been a year and a half. >> and this is about two years now.
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>> for those out of work times are discouraging. >> i'm not getting in the door and interviewed so this is rather confusing. >> there are many jobs, older is better. >> to make matters worse for many over the age of 40 most have been out of the job for so long their benefits already ran out. >> it's an hour to hour and day to daichl have you to stay helpful within yourself within your own identity. stay hopeful. or this will come crashing down on you. >> a vote in congress yesterday failed to extend another round of unemployment benefits that. means bit end of the year there could be nearly half a million more californians no longer eligible to-to-collect unemployment checks. >> we have to start focusing on thing that's are important. the deficits. the spending. >> and republicans worry about the price tag coming with an extension. but democratic leaders made
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another push today. and saying the economy will suffer. >> this is money needed by families. so buy necessities and to heat the home and immediately injects demand into the economy, creating job autos after year was out a job, necessity is a word these people know all too well. necessity and persistence. >> what i've been doing is survival jobs. >> i just have to just do the essential autos analysts say there are five qualified apply kants for every job they can see that is out there. >> if you're looking for work you might want to check out the next job fair that is next tuesday in san jose. >> and the mayor is meeting with city department heads
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tonight to begin the difficult process of cutting into the city budget. they began about an hour ago needing to come up with ways to cut a little less than 6% of the total budget and thinks staff will find ways to trim about w.out making significant cuts to jobs and services. he's calling the deficit manageable. >> i put together a detailed budget over what we've done with no real draconian cuts in spite of the rhetoric. >> with little more than a left month, the successor will be left to implement cuts. >> you've heard of the dmot call list. well now there is a move underway to start a do not track list. >> idea is to stop companies from tracking your activities on the internet and on your smart phone. 7 on your side is here with more on this for us. >> this has been a real -- on the wish list of many for a long time. and now, today, the ftc
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proposed its sida. many we talked with find this idea intriguing. market yirs have ability to track your every move online. they know the web sites you visit, links you click, and even your physical longs. -- location, they can follow your activity on smart phones by the apps you use. cell phone towers you're near and a gps device now part of many phones. >> it bothers me. there is a lot of stuff that is my own business. >> jonathan is working on his dock prit heading a campus project jekt do not >> we've been concerned by growing proliferation of web tracking. there has been an explosion of third-party content on the web. >> his collaboration with stanford's computer science department and law school is looking into the way the do not track list can be made possible.
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it's already developed an open source code to implement an option on the fire fox web browser. >> what it does is that it adds a little bit of information to those requests saying by the way don't track me that. way when you're browser makes a request, they know not to track you going in and out. you'll get cookies and there is a tracker and there is where does this line draw? >> there is. >> saying marketers knowing where you are can be a good thing. >> there is certainly a dark side to not having privacy but pose activity of sharing information is that won't you rather get a coupon for a coffee shop here next to you? >> this they agree on one thing. >> the important thing is to give individuals the choice between how much privacy and how much shared information
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they want to have. >> the ftc has not released information so we'll have to wait and see. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and six suspects in a big operation produced and trafficked cds are now in custody. and these are the pictures of the items including 200,000 cds as well as equipment many of the dvds were movies still in theaters. and made by someone videotaping inside of the theater. >> two men are accused of sexual assaulting and robbing three west oakland roommates this month and one is five seven with a mustache and a goatee. another, six two, weighing about 175 pounds.
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investigators say they sexual assaulted and robbed a 26-year-old woman at gun point two weekends ago. they then forced her to take them to her apartment, they then sexual assaulted and robbed her two roommates tlchl is a $30,000 reward in this case. >> and there is a chief is looking for money and lobbying for federal dollars to put more police officers into the schools. and terry mcsweeney reports on the fund finding mission. >> the police chief is meeting with senators feinstein and boxer looking for money to place six officers at each of the four middle school campuses. those schools are frick, madison and roosevelt. none a stranger to violence. saying the idea so make schools safer but to steer kids away from crime and gangs and build positive relationships between police
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and young people. >> so for us it's seeing police officers in a positive light not someone taking your mother or aunt to jail. but helping you to succeed. >> what the community school is that a resource center for the neighborhood. in addition to there is a range of support services. >> yes. this is a good idea for kids. there are a lot of problems here now. >> and you? >> no. >> why? >> i don't like the cops. >> the chief wanted to address the relationships between young people and police. and there is also working with school police f pilot program is successful he would like to see it expanded to all schools. police say if this money comes
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through, officers would be hired from the list of officers laid off last summer. the chief has more meetings in washington tomorrow. >> and freed iran hiker is hoping her music will whep a freedom of two companions. >> showered launched a song titled piece of time today on the you tube channel. the release with the start of month 17 in captivity. and showered wrote this song and others during her 410 days in prison released september on humanitarian grounds fchl you'd like to hear the song we have a link on abc 7 >> today people around the world took a moment to observe
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world aids day at the national aids people yil grove friends and loved ones gathered to remember and celebrate lives of those taken by the disease. and there there is the indiana boy contracted the disease during a blood transfusion as you may recall. >> it's been a long journey. i've been tibl see benefits from this. and that is where people are living now. >> the united states estimates 33 million people were living with hiv. and 2.5 million of those are children. >> six fairfield teenagers honored for efforts to save young children who died in a house fire. and two given a citation for exceptional performance. the kids aged one to four in
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an apartment on delaware street. investigators say their mothers left candles burning while they went into the parking lot to talk on cell phones. and they're charged with child endangerment. >> coming up here next, the tweet that earned a california teenager a $20,000 college scholarship. >> and a female golfer cast a vote changing who is eligible to play on lpga tour. >> and there is a cast of "shrek" sends a message of hope. >> some of you will be seeing rain tomorrow. some will remain dry. right now, buy a samsung intensity ii for $29.99
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and get one free. or, buy a blackberry curve 3g for $49.99 and get one free. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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big change in ladies golf tour. lpga announced it will allow transgender to compete on the tour. there is is lana lawless claiming it's female at birth requirement violates california's civil rights laws last night players voted to remove the requirement meaning any transgender player can play if they're qualified for the tour. a spokeswoman says that they do not want to discriminate against anyone. >> there is a campaign called it gets better helping people deal with their sexuality. the cast of the newly-arrived "shrek" the musical are among those spreading the word things do get better. benjiman house plays papa bear
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in shrek, the musical. off stage, he has a new role that reaches out to young teens who are gay. >> i don't know what impact my story will have. and this is one person feeling like... they have someone who has been through a similar experience and someone who understands what it is they are going through. >> this song talks about being proud of who you are. even if you're different. the cast has joined the it gets better campaign on you tube. celebrities and others post messages of hope for gay, lesbian and transgender teens. a number of young people have committed suicide across the nation. >> this is devastating. no child should feel like that. a child coming into... you know what should be happiest years of their lives.
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>> that is tyrone davis junior. he admits today, it's hafr hafrd -- hard to talk about his sexuality. >> half of my family doesn't know. they don't live in san francisco. my immediate family knows. >> as a teenager growing up gay he found rev youth in arts. >> i say... it gets better. you will grow up and you'll move away. you'll meet people. you'll fall in love and you'll be happy doing whatever it is you do. as long as you remember that. it's okay to be who you are. it's okay to show that to people. >> the hope is that these testimonials will encourage some gay teens to end their isolation. in san flan -- san francisco, abc 7 news. >> police arrested three young people in the deaths of two chickens in concord el monty elementary school killed during thanksgiving break.
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police say they were strangled. the remaining four chickens got loose but were unharmed. none of the suspects attend the school. they have been released into their parent's custody now. they're two 15-year-olds and one 14-year-old kid. all from concord. >> actor wesley snipes starts serving a three-year prison sentence for failing to pay taxes. u.s. marshal ordered snipes to surrender to a federal jail in pennsylvania. the actor tried to remain free on bail while appealing to the u.s. supreme court. he was convicted in 2008 for willful failure. he starred in a trilogy and a number of other film autos this is the first cold weather spare the air day of the season. and there is air quality
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violated the standard on smog. heat cooked up smog across the board. if you violate the ban you'll get a warning after that, $400 fine. >> and there is poor air quality forced authorities in tehran to close offices and schools today. police are limiting number of cars into the city. this is due to heavy air pollution there. >> and window for mavericks surf contest now open. surfers invited to the event will look for ways between today and february 28. once settling on a date all have 24 hours to get to half moon bay and this is new organizers and fans not allowed on beach or bluffs after spectators were injured by strong breakers at last mavericks. >> surfers bring wet suits. it's going to be cold. >> and there is winds about 10
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feet or less. if you're going to head out towards the north bay and coast, tomorrow take your umbrella if you work or live in the north bay it's going to be raining tomorrow. and there is a look across the bay zooming into a beautiful after glow of the setting sun. you can see clouds there. they're just passing mid and high level clouds hasing -- passing through the bay area giving us a beautiful sunset. clouds again tomorrow, that will mean rain coming into the north bay. and there is numbers into 50s, los gatos is 49 degrees, there is a milder night and a chance of rain. showers likely for the bay area beginning saturday
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evening continuing throughout sunday. there is a satellite and radar. stationary front trying to make it's way towards the bay area. there is this rinl of high pressure blocking the rain. it's not allowing this front to move south ward to bring wet weather. so here is what is going to happen. heading towards tomorrow, we'll see clouds around overnight tonight and into tomorrow. we'll notice the rain line stays around uk kia. by 11:00 a.m. it's starting to go south ward into sewn nochla county. then watch what happens this, comes south towards san rafael, then lifts north thursday evening, then, starts to fall apart. this is not an impressive storm. it's not expected to be a big rain maker. if anything, the north bay has the best chance of seeing light rain for thursday. things will change a little bit heading towards weekend. and there is is a better
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chance of rain for the weekend beginning saturday night and into sunday, until midnight tonight, is illegal to burn and still a spare the air until midnight. numbers tonight is upper 30s to upper 40s, tomorrow afternoon, mild day, low 60s in san jose. and mostly cloudy skies on the peninsula. mid to upper 50s and redwood city. mid-50s near the coast. downtown san francisco, 57 degrees, up into the north bay you can see green on the screen. there is mid-50s for santa rosa. cooler readings here. there is 58 in oakland and head inland. temperatures into mid to upper 50s, 56 in antioch and fairfield. 62 degrees for new santa cruz. here is your accu-weather forecast.
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there is a chance of rain in the north bay for thursday. keeping clouds around friday. and heading into weekend, need umbrellas for bay area saturday evening into sunday. that is what the best chance of rain. monday, tuesday looking fine. wednesday, another possibility of rain. things are murky. models not in agreement. this is transmission time. so... we'll have to compromise to see what happens. 50 thank you. >> and still head latest proposal being tossed around to build a few tour home for oakland a's. >> and then, out of work, out of luck. at 6:00 missed unemployment deadline and concern it's causingggggggggggggggggggggggggg
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oakland announced a new
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39,000 seat proposal for the a's ballpark. the planning commission is considering what can be studied for the report. the project will include a stadium and there is 54,000 square feet of offices. the planning commission president is taking part in a private effort to keep a's from leaving oakland. the owner says he wants to move to san jose. >> a high school senior from long beach turned to tweet into a $20,000 college scholarship. the 17-year-old entered the challenge and won with her enry including the tweet a scholarship is the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success. >> nice. >> clever. >> the teenager beat out 2800 other applicants and plans to major in biology and pursue a career as a doctor or medical researcher. >> good stuff. >> coming up next eight days of celebration. >> yes. begin tonight with the
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lighting of
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coming up at 6:00 dogs on the run. where your pet may be spayed or neutered before you can get it out of the pound. what happens if the landlord gets foreclosed on though you're up to date with the rent. and the create activity of a local theater group and why it's future could be in jeopardy. this is coming up on the new at 6:00. >> and in in san union square there is a 22-foot tall menorah was lit. >> it will continue with a candle lighting for seven more nights. and the sunday, celebration will be dedicated to bay area concert promoter bill gram including music and activities for kids. >> hanukkah is known as feal


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